Connecting scientists and citizens

Communication between scientists, policymakers and ordinary people is never easy. EU-funded researchers turned this on its head by bringing everyone together around one key issue […]

ISIS at Civitas Annual Forum, looking beyond Europe

From 30 September to 3 October 2013, ISIS took part in the CIVITAS Forum 2013 in Brest (France). ISIS has been working in CIVITAS [...]

Take part in the MOWE-IT Workshops

The MOWE-IT team invites you to take part in two upcoming workshops dedicated to road and rail transport, taking place on 17 - 18 September in Brussels. The workshops will address the impact of natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena on transport system performance, with a specific focus on rail and road transport.

22-23 May RITS-NET Workshop

On 22-23 May, RITS-NET will host its 3rd thematic workshop on Parking and automatic payment. RITS-NET aims to enhance regional sustainable transport policies via [...]

Stakeholder survey: Urban Mobility Action Plan

The Green Paper on Urban Mobility, adopted by the Commission in 2007, highlighted that Europe’s towns and cities should not be left alone in [...]