Project Description

Study on Urban Access Restrictions

ISIS carried out a study on urban access restrictions, on behalf of DG TREN. The study aims at reviewing the implementation of the Access Restriction Schemes in Europe, looking at instruments adopted, technological solutions implemented and type of access restrictions.
The study’s main goals are:
  • carry out a comprehensive, detailed and updated review of access restriction schemes (ARS) in Europe
  • review and assess the legal basis behind ARS across all Member States
  • identify barriers and enablers for a harmonsied diffusion of ARS in Europe, notably including the availability of information to the general public and the users
  • issue recommendations to the EU in view of increased harmonisation

More information can be found in the study final report.
*Funded by the European Commission DG TREN

  • Perform a detailed review of some 400 ARS in place in EU cities (and associated database)
  • Analyze output of two on-line surveys carried out with cities and stakeholders on the deployment of ARS, their objectives, barriers and enablers
  • Produce a final report with a comprehensive assessment of ARS in Europe and recommendations to the EU

  • Study coordination
  • Stakeholders survey
  • Evaluation of ARS schemes
  • Policy recommendations
  • Report drafting and presentation

  • ISIS
  • PWC – PricewaterhouseCoopers