Project Description


The UCT Tirana project aims at defining the requirements of an ITS integrated traffic control system for the City of Tirana.
The study wants to:

  • Develop detailed specifications of the system components (UTC, VMS; CCTV, Control Centre) for a budget value of 2,3 M€
  • Elaborate tender documentation according to the EBRD procedures
  • Support to the Municipality of Tirana for the tender offers evaluation
  • Support to the Municipality project management in the implementation and first two years of operation of the system

*Funded by the EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • Support the Municipality of Tirana in successfully purchase, deploy and operate the ITS integrated system, making the most effective and efficient the EBRSD financial loan
  • Deploy an ITS integrated system in 2013

  • Managing the project and contribute to define the requirements

  • ISIS
  • Thetis