Project Description

TRANS-TOOLS: Tools for Transport Forecasting and Scenario Testing

transtool-logoTRANS-TOOLS aims at producing a European transport network model covering both passengers and freight, as well as intermodal transport, which would overcome the shortcomings of existing European transport network models. The objective of the project is to build on the experience of existing transport models and implement a number of improvements that would be the basis of the development of an integrated policy support tool for transport at EU level.

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*Funded by the European Commission, DG TREN

As a result, the TRANS-TOOLS model is expected to include the following innovations:

  • new set up of a demand/supply model;
  • intermodality for passenger/freight
  • inclusion of intercontinental flows (mainly for freight), as some models do not cover this segment;
  • full coverage of Central and Eastern Europe with integration of the new Member States;
  • logistics/freight chain explicitly included;
  • coupling method with local traffic in order to address the effect of congestion on long-distance traffic;
  • the consortium provides access to all relevant experience concerning EU and national modelling;
  • a software approach is chosen which results in a software modelling tool at network level.

  • Data collection on transport external costs (accidents)

  • TNO Inro Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
  • NEA Transport Research and Training
  • TRT Trasporti e Territorio SRL
  • Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH)
  • Institute for Regional Research (IfR), University of Kiel
  • Joint Research Centre
  • Danmarks Teknische Universitet
  • ISIS