Project Description


epi-logoPROECO aims at assisting the Shaanxi and Sichuan Districts of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to enhance the environmental sustainability of the Sectorial Plans (Energy and Transport).



In particular, the project focuses on:

  • Capacity building within the provincial administrations of the Shaanxi and Sichuan on the theory and practice of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Policy Integration (EPI)
  • Supporting the provincial administration in the systematic introduction of the environmental dimension in sectoral plans

For more information, please visit the project website.

*Funded by the European Commission

  • A series of targeted reports on the technical and institutional dimensions of SEA and EPI
  • A series of workshops with provincial experts and civil servants to facilitate capacity building

  • Drafting of methodological reports and of contributions to the sectoral plans
  • Contribution to the organization and running of workshops in China
  • Contribution to the organization of a study tour in Europe for 15 representatives of the PRC provincial administrations

  • Wuppertal Institute
  • TRL
  • SEI
  • ACEE
  • CATS (Chinese Academy of Transport Sciences)