Project Description

MOVE TOGETHER – Raising Citizens Awareness and Appreciation of Urban Transport Research in Europe

move-togetherMOVE TOGETHER aims at building an awareness raising exercise to let people become fully conscious of the sustainability implications of transport in the urban context, aware of what EU transport research is doing, and how research results can help making urban transport more sustainable. The awareness raising and appreciation exercise follows a participatory process, which includes activities at transnational as well as local level, involving stakeholders, researchers and politicians together with the general public.

The project grounds in the idea that citizens’ involvement is essential to create a new urban mobility culture, and citizens’ participation approaches should be widely disseminated and implemented across Europe.

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*Funded by DG Research

  • Raising citizens’ awareness of European targeted research and policies which help to solve urban mobility problems;
  • Anticipating the knowledge of the impact that such EU research programmes may have on citizens’ daily life;
  • Making citizens conscious of how  responsible individual choices can help to achieve better urban mobility and an improved quality of life;
  • Stimulating a more active citizens’ support and participation in planning and implementing European projects, and the related innovations and sustainable mobility policies, in their cities.

  • Project coordination;
  • Management and moderation of citizens’ workshops on sustainable urban mobility in the Rome metropolitan area.

  • ICCR
  • Missions Publiques
  • ADELPHI Research
  • Rome Municipality
  • CAAG (Clean Air Action Group)
  • Province of Rome