Project Description


lyonISIS participates in the assessment of the Turin-Lyon rail project. The evaluation is in accordance with the “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the Ministers and French Italian, May 5, 2004 regarding LTF (Lyon Turin Ferroviaire), responsible for the creation of a Proposed Draft Reference / Progetto di Riferimento (APR / PR), including the following components:

  • The development of a model for estimating tolls according to several hypothesis
  • The development of an economic model of operation of the new railway line
  • A predictive model of passenger traffic (developed by Egis Mobility)
  • A model of freight traffic forecast (developed by Setec)

Funded by the LTF

  • Overall cost-benefit analysis of the New Turin-Lyon Rail Line

  • Set up an on-line software for the calculation of marginal transport external costs

  • EGIS-Mobilitè
  • Steer Davies Gleave