Project Description


conduitCONDUITS stands for Coordination Of Network Descriptors for Urban Intelligent Transportation Systems and aims to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to link the performance indicators to the current traffic situation in the cities. Concepts to quantify improvements in traffic efficiency, traffic safety, environmental aspects as well as land use and the integration of disadvantaged population groups through ITS investments have been considered. The goal of CONDUIT is to assist European municipalities in business decisions for ITS projects and to facilitate creation and sharing of best practice experiences between municipalities. For more information please visit the project website.

*Funded by the EU

  • Development and test and validation of KPI of real cases in partner Cities (Rome, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv)

  • Coordinate the project
  • Analyze the future ITS situation in European cities in relation to probable technological advancements.
  • Review recent technological research and development of ITS.
  • Define of ITS R&D needs for cities

  • ICL
  • TUM
  • Technion
  • ATAC
  • City of Paris
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • AED (Brussels Capital Region)
  • City of Barcelona
  • Polis