Project Description


compasslogoCOMPASS aims at providing an overall picture of the future travellers needs in the light of the key socio-economic trends. The project looks at how ICT and ITS applications can meet the new demands, favouring the integration of multi-modal transport solutions and assessing how these solutions can contribute to the de-carbonization of transport activities. In such a framework, the following collateral and important objectives will also be addressed:

Analyze the potentials of ICT applications in co-modal passenger transport solutions. Namely: a) to influence the operation of transport systems, b) to allow in-vehicle monitoring and control systems, c) to provide information to users of all transport systems

The potentials of the ICT and ITS applications to provide behavioural data and information to improve travel surveys and fostering harmonisation;

The validation of the ICT solutions with stakeholders rooted in the national contexts, due to the involvement in the project of TTS Italia, member of the ERTICO National Network of ITS Associations

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*Funded by the European Commission DG MOVE

  • Review the potential of the new communications and computing technologies, usually described by the generic term of ITS (intelligent transportation systems), as a set of key tools for improving the management and operation of public transport networks and ancillary services.
  • Develop a case study on Regional Travel Planner (Marche Region) with reference to the environmental impacts analysis

  • Set up a database with data on access on Regional Travel Planner

  • Napier University
  • University Of Leeds
  • MCRIT S.L.
  • TRT
  • TTS Italia (IT)
  • Technische Universitat Wien