Project Description


civinetlogoCIVINET is a group of national city networks that promote the CIVITAS approach at local level, overcoming language and contextual barriers for local authorities and organisations interested in urban sustainable mobility.

After supporting the city of Genoa as main partner of the CIVINET Italia network, ISIS is currently responsible for the Secretariat of the CIVINET Italia network, working together with the city of Reggio Emilia.

CIVINET Italia allows member cities to share experiences and develop innovative policies and measures for sustainable mobility, through workshops, technical visits, seminars for sharing policies, training and professional exchanges, funding for exchanging good practices on transport and urban mobility, publications and newsletters.

In 2014, the initiative has obtained the official patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

Italian  cities can join the network by signing the Letter of Intent and send it back via email or fax to:
Fax: +39.06.3213049

CIVINET Italia aims at:

  • Promoting the CIVITAS philosophy for sustainable mobility and its principles in relation to other cities, the media, the public and all other stakeholders on the Italian territory;
  • Providing support to dialogue with the local authorities, the ministries and the European Community in the field of sustainable mobility with particular attention to issues specific to Italian territory;
  • Allowing the cities participating in the network to share their experiences without language barriers and work in partnership with innovative cities;
  • Dealing with national institutions and the European Union on issues related to policy, legislation, regulations and funding in the field of mobility.

For more information visit the project website.

*Funded by the European Commission

The 10 Civinet Networks will establish an effective delivery channel for the CIVITAS CAPITAL products that can easily reach the primary target group of mobility practitioners and decision makers in their native language in most of Europe. At the same time, the CIVITAS community will benefit from a much increased network of committed stakeholders, bringing in fresh ideas – especially from currently underrepresented actors such as civil society, industry, and Central and Eastern European Member States. This will produce the following tangible results:

  • governance structures, annual activity and business plans/annual activity reports for 10 networks
  • 120 events involving 5.000 transport professionals from 19 countries
  • 25 policy statements and 100 network publications, received by 1.000 professionals/ decision makers
  • preferential selection for take-up and training activities in network regions with allocations from the fund of CIVITAS CAPITAL
  • co-funding of around 25% of total cost attracted by networks from outside CIVITAS CAPITAL
  • high overall effectiveness due to transfer of management know-how and strong cooperation between networks and due to full integration of networks in all CIVITAS CAPITAL activities
  • concrete plans to continue the networks after the project lifetime and set up networks in all remaining EU Member States and Accession countries

ISIS, as the Secretariat of CIVINET Italia, is in charge of administering the network, organising its activities and act as the main contact point for the network.

Among others, the role includes:

  • Organisation of the network meetings and events, including technical workshops, site visits and webinars;
  • Responsible for the technical and financial management of the network;
  • Management of the membership registrations, database of contacts and network website, including production of information material (brochure, newsletters);
  • Represent the network in events to be attended by CIVINET Italia as speaker, exhibitor or attendee;
  • Reports to the General Assembly and the National Network Manager on the implementation of activities and membership evolution;

Partner Responsible of the Network:
Alessandro Meggiato and Cristina Pellegrini
Tel: +39 0522 585336

Segretariat of the Network:
Loredana Marmora – Mario Gualdi
Tel: +39 06 3212655