Project Description


catrinCATRIN is a research project supporting the European Transport Policy, specifically in the implementation of transport pricing. CATRIN will increase the probability that new progressive pricing principles can be implemented, which facilitate a move towards sustainable transport. CATRIN is both intermodal and interdisciplinary, emphasizes the need of new Member states, understands that different organisational forms require different recommendations, to be given in short and long-term perspective and to be thoroughly discussed with infrastructure managers. For more information visit the project

For more information please visit the project  website

*Funded by the European Commission

  • Identify (possibly) generic organisational differences across modes and countries, i.e. to certify whether the responsibility for pricing of infrastructure use and spending on maintenance and investment is vested in one organisational body (i.e. as it often happens for airports), or split between different ministries or agencies (i.e. as it often happens for roads)
  • Identify the primary pricing principles that can guide policy makers under different organisational structures and different cost recovery rules

  • Discuss the conclusions on methods and procedures for the implementation of new pricing systems,  involving  infrastructure managers and to assess the possibility to implement the underlying principles.
  • Organize Workshops and involve stakeholders
  • Carry out a case study on the charging principle in the Italian Railways Infrastructure Manager (RFI)

  • VTI
  • University of Gdansk
  • DIW
  • Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • Ecole nationale des ponts et chausses
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • EIT, University of Las Palmas
  • Swedish Maritime Administration
  • University of Turku/Centre for Maritime
  • TUV Vienna