Project Description


atlete-logo The Atlete I and II projects, both supported under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission, stem from the conviction that energy labels and ecodesign requirements are crucial drivers for market transformation of end-uses, orienting consumers’ choice towards more efficient appliances and phasing-out the least efficient ones. Consumers should be sure that the products found on the market comply with the legislative provision.
ATLETE II builds upon experience and procedures developed within the previous ATLETE project, to be adapted to the second most important appliance installed in European household and validated through a field word. For the first time, ATLETE II carries out product testing (with particular reference to energy label and ecodesign verification tests on washing machines) under the new Energy Labelling by applying also a new measurement method. The aim of ATLETE II is to work closely with Market Surveillance Authorities, sharing and discussing test results and experience gained within the project.

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*Funded by the European Commission – IEE programme

  • Identificate examples of effective enforcement of existing  labelling/ecodesign legislation and national market surveillance.
  • Analyze feasibility and affordability of verification compliance testing for Energy labelling and Eco-design requirements.
  • Upgrade and share an effective procedure for the verification of the manufacturers” labelling/eco-design declaration including a methodology for the selection of laboratories and appliance models selection.
  • Provide the European Commission and Member States with results of pan-European testing on a large number of the second most important household appliance: washing machines.
  • Inform national Market Surveillance Authorities in case of non-compliance, as well as of compliance, of each tested product model.

  • Coordinate the project and manage networking activities
  • Managing relationship and communication with the manufacturers during the testing phas
  • Disseminate results

  • ISIS
  • ENEA
  • SEVEn
  • ECOS
  • AEA
  • UniBonn
  • SWEA
  • ICRT