Project Description


In the framework of APUM, Action Plan on Urban Mobility, ISIS carries out a project study, in order to prepare the review of the Action Plan on Urban Mobility. The study provides an overview of what has been achieved with regard to the 20 actions included in the Action Plan, summarizing the main findings.
The project aims at:

  • Providing the European Commission with a comparative overview of the actions;
  • Assessing the reactions to the APUM;
  • Involving stakeholders and collect feedback on their opinion on the Commission’s implementation of the APUM actions and possible future EU actions in the field of urban mobility;
  • Assessing implementing and exploratory measures of the APUM;
  • Offering the European Commission with a structured overview of recommendations for possible future actions stemming from the exploratory actions of the APUM.

*Funded by the European Commission

  • Set of recommendations to EC  for further develop actions on sustainable urban mobility

  • Co-managing the study
  • Managing the impact assessment
  • Managing the stakeholders consultation

  • NEA
  • TNO
  • ISIS
  • PWC