poly-sumpAutumn 2013 saw stakeholders from six European regions come together at the Local Future Search Workshops to discuss polycentric sustainable mobility action plans. The workshops were hosted by each of the Poly-SUMP project partners: Parkstad Limburg (The Netherlands) Regione Marche (Italy), Central Alentejo (Portugal), Central Macedonia (Greece), Heart of Slovenia (Slovenia) and Rhine Alp (Austria).

Local Future Search Workshops are learning laboratories in which all participants provide input into ways to improve the transport system as a whole; in this case creating and sharing a new vision and an action plan for sustainable mobility in polycentric regions. Several actions resulted from this interactive new learning process: the Dutch delegates stated the importance of implementing measures in the fields of “Cycling along old routes”, “Sustainable freight distribution” and “Traveling with an e-bike to work”. The Austrian participants outlined the need to devise and implement an e-ticket usable on all means of transport, improving the image of public transport (particularly buses) and creating a regional planning report. Greek and Italian attendees shared a common action: more education and awareness raising activities, and the Slovenian and the Portuguese stakeholders agreed to improve the pedestrian and cycle paths, thereby working towards creating more accessible, more inclusive cities.

In general, participants were enthusiastic about the methodology, which offered them the opportunity to meet different actors and build sustainable and lasting professional relationships.

For more details about each Local Future Search Workshop, visit Poly-Sump website.

About Poly-Sump

Poly-SUMP, Polycentric Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, aims to develop a sustainable mobility planning methodology in polycentric regions – areas characterised by several centres, where services and goods, and therefore transport needs, are scattered in different towns, and mobility is usually car dependent. As a partner, ISIS supports the project, in particular by facilitating the Local Future Search Workshop planned in Regione Marche, Italy. More information is available on ISIS website and Poly-Sump website.