On 17 October 2013, ISIS will discuss the possible applications of methanol in the transport industry. Hosted at the European Parliament venue, in Brussels, the workshop will be co-chaired by ISIS and technology consulting Tecnalia – the two institutes that were commissioned a pan-European study on this topic by the Science and Technology Options Assessment Committee of the European Parliament (STOA).


As Europe is exploring new and more sustainable options for fuelling transport, methanol produced by C02 is investigated in substitution of hydrogen, through an assessment that will end in February 2014 and will produce a series of policy recommendations on whether methanol could represent a valuable and low impact alternative for tomorrow’s mobility. ISIS is carrying out the study with an global approach, looking at both technical and economic implications, while considering long-term scenarios for the energy and transport sectors.

With around 30 high-level experts from the academic and business arena, the workshop will summarize the state-of-the-art of methanol use and production, and its pros and cons in comparison to competitive technologies. Moreover, participants will be invited to address central questions emerged from the current analysis, such as the availability of CO2 feedstocks, logistic aspects of CO2 distribution, and techno-economic challenges linked to the transport decarbonisation.

More information are available on the EP website.
The workshop program is available here.