On 4 February (Brussels), Andrea Ricci gave an overview of what foresight exercises are, taking the FLAGSHIP project as an apt example. His presentation, primarily focused on the participatory dimension of foresight, was framed in the context of the first CAPS meeting, an event dedicated to all project coordinators involved in the development of innovative Web 2.0 plaftorms, and eager to exchange information about their portfolio of activities.

Funded by the European Commission, the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) are expected to support environmentally aware, grassroots processes and practices to share knowledge, to achieve changes in lifestyle, production and consumption patterns, and to set up more participatory democratic processes.

Integrating a quantitative and qualitative methodology, the FLAGSHIP project aims at improving existing models of forward looking methodologies, and therefore supporting policy makers in addressing major societal challenges at environmental, social and economic, and governance level.

This first CAPS meeting created the basis for a fruitful collaboration between CAPS actors, establishing strong foundations in view of CAPS2020 International Annual conference to be held in Brussels next spring.

Download the presentation (PDF, 614 KB, English)