flagship-newsSupported by the European Commission under FP7, FLAGHSIP aims at anticipating Europe’s major challenges in the next 20 – 30 years, helping developing “Forward Looking Analysis of Grand Societal Challenges and Innovative Policies“.

The FLAGSHIP Consortium is pleased to announce the release of the second FLAGSHIP Newsletter, illustrating project achievements during its first year.

In this issue you can find information on:

  • The First FLAGSHIP workshop, “Setting the framework: a multidisciplinary global perspective”, that took place in Ventotene, Italy, on 14-15 June 2013.
  • FLAGSHIP Inception Report which presents the results of in-depth research and discussions conducted by FLAGSHIP partners, together with members of the Scientific Advisory Board, to consolidate the FLAGSHIP conceptual framework.
  • FLAGSHIP Report on trends, policies and future challenges in economic, demographic, legal, social and environmental field and their territorial dimensions.
  • First FLAGSHIP Policy Brief “Forward Looking Tools and Methods for Answering Major Societal Challenges

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