Project Description


TRIPTransport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) is a service contract to manage the online portal of the European Commission, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, presenting research and innovation in the transport sector at European, national and international levels. The portal collects information on transport research programs and projects and presents them in a comprehensive database.

The primary aim of TRIP is to disseminate and promote the results of transport research activities at European and national level. The TRIP web site contains information on more than 7000 projects in a searchable database, providing a comprehensive insight to ongoing and recent transport research activities in the ERA. More importantly, it links each project with its parent programme, assigns projects to themes, provides accurate links or contact details, where possible, and attach the main public reports. It thus represents a unique pool of information on ERA-wide transport research projects.
The aim of TRIP is not only to inform on what is happening in the world of research, but also to make understandable the results of projects for their effective use by policy makers. To this end a series of thematic publications is issued.

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*Funded by the European Commission DG MOVE

  • Keep the TRIP Portal up to date with information on transport research and innovation.
  • Issue of 12 Policy Brochures and related Videos, and 24 Thematic Research Summaries.
  • Ensure TRIP presence at major international events related to transport research.

  • ISIS is responsible for all communication and promotion of the portal, including the issue of monthly newsletters.
  • ISIS is also responsible for the publication of a number of policy brochures and thematic research summaries.

  • PANTEIA b.u. NEA
  • IGES Institut GmbH
  • ITC