Project Description

TRANSVISIONS – Study on transport scenarios with a 20- and 40- year horizon

trans-logoTRANSVISIONS is a study on long term transport scenarios, aiming at  providing technical support to a debate on transport scenarios with a 20- and 40- year horizon, by collecting and analysing information on transport long-term scenario forecasting, by developing long-term transport scenarios including modelling work and case studies, and by suggesting long-term objectives for the European transport policies.

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*Funded by the European Commission, DG TREN

  • Revision and categorisation of transport drivers, divided into: external drivers; internal drivers, and policy drivers;
  • Formulation of different exploratory scenarios for 2050. The scenarios,  formulated as different paths towards a post-carbon society, have been named: “Move Alone”; “Move Together” “Move Less” and “Stop Moving” ;
  • Elaboration of scenarios at 2030, these are fitted to the use of EC’s transport model TRANS-TOOLS in the sense that the scenarios are established based on the main inputs for the TRANS-TOOLS model. Three scenarios have been set up: “Baseline”, “High Growth” and “Low Growth”.
  • Analysis through ‘Meta-models’ different transport policy options to obtain reductions of the transport sector’s CO2 emissions by arbitrarily set targets of 10 % in 2020 and 50 % in 2050, compared to 2005.

  • Analysis of main factors influencing future transport scenarios at EU 27 (40 years horizon)

  • ISIS
  • BC3
  • CEPS
  • CSD
  • HiiL
  • ICS-UL
  • Mcrit
  • TNO
  • OME
  • SO
  • S4S
  • SEI-Tallinn