Project Description



RAISE aims at raising awareness on urban sustainability, while testing acceptance and usability of results achieved by the previously closed EU research projects on the topic.

To achieve this goal, the project arranged a citizens conference process that involved 26 citizens, one from each EU Member State, selected from those who submitted their application to participate using the questionnaire posted on the project’s website. The participants represented the “average citizens” from the different countries of Europe. They were asked to formulate their view on the acceptance and use of selected urban sustainability approaches, technologies and solutions coming from EU research findings in a sequence of three preparatory meetings, whose results were presented in a final conference in Brussels, involving also stakeholder representatives and politicians.

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*Funded by the European Commission

  • Organization of a conference of 26 citizens, randomly selected, from one for each of the EU Member States
  • Organization of several meetings that led to the formulation of a “Citizens Declaration on the European City of Tomorrow”, presented to EU policy-makers in Brussels
  • Preparation of a DVD containing footage taken from the three preparatory meetings and final presentation to the Commission and the European Parliament

  • Project coordination
  • Organization and coordination of the several events, including the whole citizens conference process

  • ISIS
  • ICCR
  • RMB
  • IC
  • FEWN