Project Description



QUEST aims at setting up a quality management tool to evaluate and improve urban mobility policies and ultimately support the implementation or improvement of sustainable urban mobility plans. Testing 50 midsized cities (30.000-500.000), the projects wants to:

  • Contribute to change urban mobility patterns by accelerating the implementation of urban mobility plans and giving direct advice to starter and climber cities which key actions are most relevant for them;
  • Provide competitive stimulus for sustainable urban mobility plans and “Bench learning” between comparable cities;
  • Mobilize political support for a label in sustainable urban mobility.

For more information, please visit the project website.

*Funded by the EACI

  • Set up an audit method for sustainable urban mobility policies
  • Certificate the quality level of mobility policies in 50 cities in 14 EU-countries.
  • Engage 50 cities in improvement programme (= QUEST action plans)
  • Exchange experience through 10 workshops on key topics (cycling, public transport, delivering goods)
  • Having 11 QUEST auditors for implementing of the QUEST tool
  • Establishing in the long run a QUEST academy which safeguards and improves QUEST

  • Contribute to develop QUEST audit and certification
  • Manage QUEST audit application in the test city of Padua
  • Manage QUEST audit in Italian cities
  • Organize the QUEST Italian national event

  • Ligtermoet  &  Partners
  • Transport  &  Travel  Research
  • Koucky  &  Partners
  • Centrum  Dopravniho  Vyzkumu
  • European  Institute  for  Sustainable  Transport
  • Equipo  de  Técnicos  en  Transporte  y  Territorio
  • Mobil  City  Consultancy
  • University  of  Maribor
  • Eurodite  SRL
  • Tritel
  • Donostia-San – Sebastián  Municipality
  • Union  of  Baltic  Cities-  Commission  on  Environment
  • City  of  Gent
  • Municipality  of  Padova
  • Municipality  of  Gävle
  • Bath  and  North  East  Somerset  Council