Project Description


origamiORIGAMI wants to foster in long-distance door-to-door passenger transport chains through both improved co-modality and intermodality.
It starts from the premise that, with the continuing increase in length in interregional travel, effective use of the available transport modes as well as the interconnection between trip legs will become increasingly important for a growing proportion of passenger journeys, particularly of those which contribute most to the regional and national economies. Any substantial investment in transport infrastructure should anticipate who and how will be using transport infrastructure, looking at the long term, given lengthy planning and construction phases for major projects.

*Funded by European Commission – DG MOVE

  • Investigate current traveller behaviour and the differences in behaviour between countries and regions
  • Determine underlying factors that will influence future travel behaviour, such as demographics and social trends
  • Define the requirements that travellers have for a door-to-door transport system

  • Collate best practice examples for technical solutions
  • Collate solutions suggested in the literature, but not yet realised in practice
  • Investigate gaps and bottlenecks and assess how, and how far, they can be filled by transferring solutions and best practice found in one mode to others and to discuss this with relevant stakeholders

  • EGIS-Mobilitè
  • Steer Davies Gleave