Project Description


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The MIND-SETS project provides a new approach to understanding mobility as part of the overall changing lifestyles of different population groups across Europe. The project assesses how we can better understand mobility at the level of lifestyle patterns, set against social/economic/technological trends: in short – what are people’s mobility mind-sets across Europe? This involves a new approach that brings mainstream sociologists, environmental psychologists and economists together with sustainable mobility and travel behaviour specialists as well as experts in social, technological and ITC trends: a full multi-disciplinary, new type of team to assess mobility issues, in the hopes of changing the professional mind-set of mobility stakeholders.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme 

The final aim of MIND-SETS is the definition of decision support guidelines, or ‘MIND-SETS guidelines’, for decision makers as well as product and service providers so that they can make more informed decisions and meet the needs of the market. The guidelines together with the ‘MIND-SETS Knowledge Centre’ (or ‘MSKC’), will support decision-making, create innovation in future mobility policies and assist the design and marketing of new products and services to better meet changing market requirements.

  • Project coordination
  • Project communication and dissemination
  • Organisation and moderation of a participatory workshop on ‘automated mobility’


  • ISIS
  • VITO
  • EIP
  • RUG
  • PMkg