Project Description


icarsICARS – Intelligent Cars Thematic Network – aims to exchange good practices on ITS developments and impact assessment, arriving at a road method towards energy efficiency, with the final goal of reducing the number of deaths on the road and reducing the environmental burden of road transport.
The project wants to develop catalogues of the latest ITS developments in public procurement, promoting ITS dissemination and awareness.

*Funded by the European Commission – DG INFSO

  • Assess the potential energy consumption in the road transport sector, by implementing ITS applications in several fields, such as: eco driving, safety systems, electric vehicles, traffic management, demand and accessmanagement, planning and control of public transport, freight management & logistics

  • Analysis of ITS benefits in reducing energy consumptions, in relation to the demand and traffic flow management within the Horizon 2020

  • FIA
  • ACEA
  • CEDR
  • CTAG
  • TNO
  •  Lindholmen
  • Uni-Koeln
  • VTT
  • BASt tie limited