Project Description


etispluslogoETISplus is a European Transport policy Information System,combining data, analytical modelling with maps (GIS), and a single online interface for accessing the data.  It aims therefore to provide a bridge between official statistics and applications within the transport policy theme. ETISplus sets out to build upon the strengths of the ETIS project (2005) and to address the lessons learnt.

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*Funded by the European Commission

  • Use intelligent transport systems to provide data feeds
  • Expand the geographical scope
  • Include more data on variables that influence transport and data relating to the effects (consequences) of transport
  • Analyze the potential of ITS applications in data collection for transport modelling
  • Organization of Workshops &stakeholders involvement
  • PANTEIA Transport research and training (NL)
  • TRT Trasporti e territorio
  • MKmetric
  • IWW
  • TML, Transport & Mobility Leuven NV
  • NTU Strategic Development and Consulting)
  • TNO
  • DEMIS B.V.