Project Description

EFONET Energy Foresight Network

efonet-logoThe goal of EFONET is providing the European Commission with inputs for the formulation, review and evaluation of European energy strategies. Specifically, EFONET aims at assessing the knowledge and review for a medium and long-term transition to a sustainable, secure and low carbon energy system with particular attention to the contribution that energy foresight methods can provide to policy making. It mainly seeks to investigate in the three strategic areas related to:

  • the SET (Strategic Energy Technology plan),
  • the Review of the EU Energy Strategy, and
  • the implementation of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.

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*Funded by the European Commission, DG Research

  • Providing relevant input to the EC, notably in relation with the review of the EU Energy Strategy, the establishment of the Strategic Technology Plan, the implementation of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.
  • Building consensus on long term policy options identifying feasible pathways that combine short-medium term policy constraints with long term vision and implications as well validate current policy options.
  • Establishing and running a discussion platform gathering representatives from the research community and from all relevant stakeholder groups.

  • Project Management ensuring the technical, operative and administrative management of the overall project.
  • Responsible of the energy efficiency topic. In this framework has organized 3 workshops and provided three final policy briefs and a final state of the art report.

  • ISIS
  • The Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT)
  • The Energy Economics Group (EEG)
  • Enerdata
  • The National Technical University (NTUA)
  • The Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Institute for Energy Technology
  • ICTAF Interdisciplinary Centre for Technology Analysis and Forecasting
  • DIE
  • CCFA
  • Glowny Instytut Gornictwa
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • STOA/European Parliament has agreed to participate to the project in the special role of Observer assuring the link between the project and the European parliamentarians.