Project Description

Modern – MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioN

modern-logoThe “mission” of the MODERN project is “to increase the overall quality of life in the cities, through the reduction of pollution generated by transports, the implementation of energy saving measures, the respect for the environment and the promotion of a less car dependant life-style”. The project outlines a bold package of integrated measures in all the cities of the consortium, providing a wide coverage of all the thematic areas required by the CIVITAS PLUS programme. The middle-size of the cities allows a better integration of the foreseen measures in the overall system of the mobility.

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*Co-Funded by the EU – EACI

The project shows ambitious goals, which will have a substantial impact on the state of the mobility in the cities and a good visibility at the European level. The measures of the project outline a good balance between large scale application actions based in existing and commercially available technologies, like in renewal of public transport fleet with clean vehicles, in technological systems for traffic management and info mobility, in promotional campaigns, in access restrictions and interchange systems, with more advanced trials and methodologies, like in energy saving, in alternative fuels, in freight distribution. The first type of actions will be the backbone of the project with a massive impact on the state of the cities, while the second one will contribute to enlarge knowledge, to increase the qualitative level of mobility tools and to throw the basis for future developments.

  • Steering Committee Chairing
  • Drawing up of a Project Handbook
  • Giving support to the Project Coordinator during progress reporting phases, both administrative and financial
  • Organization of consortium events in collaboration with the WP leaders
  • Assuring the integration at the level of theme-related measures across cities
  • Organisation of the so-called Integration Workshops
  • Organisation and steering thematic workshops during consortium meetings
  • Giving cities a help in developing their technical implementation plans foreseen during evaluation activities
  • Participation in monitoring and evaluation of measures activities
  • Organisation and coordination of a Policy Group with the specific goal to discuss, steer and orient the policy activities of the demonstration project
  • Drawing up of policy recommendations and guidelines drawn at city and CIVITAS MIMOSA level, according to the demonstration results achieved and the policy and process developments generated

  • Brescia
  • Coimbra
  • Craiova
  • Vitoria – Gasteiz