Project Description


biomasterBIOMASTER (BIOMethane as an Alternative Source for Transport and Energy Renaissance) intends to prove that biomethane for transport can be an operational and viable option. The novelty and the need of BIOMASTER rests with the ambition to bring the key components of the biomethane chain into a joint initiative, stimulating investments, removing non-technological barriers and mobilising action for biomethane uptake. The project involves the following regions: Trentino Province (IT), Skåne Region (SE), Norfolk County (UK), Małopolska Region (PL).
The project looks at:

  • Boosting the biomethane economy and identify solutions to the common barriers within the project sites in the view to implement practical action plans
  • Contributing to strategic energy security, renewable energy, environmental and harmonization targets (at local, national and EU level)
  • Conducting an initial market assessment to identify the current technical, economic and social barriers to the development of biomethane market
  • Defining a common platform as a basis for widespread market development of biomethane as a renewable transport fuel
  • Evaluating environmental and economic processes and impacts to assess the cost-effectiveness of biomethane market in in terms of social, technical, environmental, economic and financial implications
  • Disseminating the project findings to the main target groups and the key actors of the biomethane chain and potential multipliers

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*Funded by the European Commission – EACI

  • Develop 4 detailed feedstock assessments, action plans for biogas production and upgrading, strategies for residual product management, strategies to boost biomethane use in vehicles
  • Produce quantifiable progress towards a cumulative target of:
    • 12 new biomethane production plants in the partner regions
    • 4 biomethane grid injection points
    • 630 vehicles operating on biomethane
    • 54 new biomethane filling stations
  • Establish: 4 regional networks, one in each BIOMASTER region, 16 additional regional networks, 4 in each BIOMASTER country, 5 additional networks in 5 countries other than the partners’ countries

  • Coordinate the project and manage networking activities

  • NCS
  • NGG
  • NCC
  • FEM
  • CRF
  • CRPA
  • SEA-SE
  • Luenerg
  • Regskane
  • MSWM
  • PGNiG
  • TTR
  • ACSM
  • Dolomiti