Project Description


awarelogoWhy and how to bridge the knowledge of citizens, scientists and policy makers for sustainable water ecosystems management in Europe? These questions were addressed by the EU 7th Research Framework project AWARE. In a nutshell, the project enables conversations engaging scientists and small transnational groups of citizens selected randomly from candidatures presented on Internet. The conversations are structured in a sequence of workshops and a final conference open to key stakeholders and policy makers.More in detail, the project engages a panel of coastal water “users” – 30 citizens randomly selected from three coastal areas of Europe (Gulf of Riga in Latvia and Estonia, Southern North Sea in France and Belgium, and the Goro lagoon in Italy) – to assess the best scientific knowledge available, the local water management practices and the EU water policy framework, and to formulate recommendations. The final assessment – the AWARE citizens’ declaration – has been discussed with invited stakeholder and EU policy officers in the AWARE European Conference “Linking research to policy in the water sector”, held on June 9, 2011 at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

Aware aims at:

  • Develop new participatory protocol to connect citizens, scientists and policy making in public conversations on sustainability science and policy issues.
  • Estalish a pilot test of the method for sustainable management of 3 coastal areas in the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Riga), in the North-Sea (France and Belgium) and in the Mediterranean (Sacca di Goro)

For more information, please visit the project website.

*Funded by the European Commission

  • Project coordination
  • Organization and coordination of the several events (citizens workshops, final conference)
  • Facilitation of the local citizens and stakeholders workshops in Sacca di Goro, Ferrara
  • Dissemination activities: project website, leaflets.

  • ISIS
  • Adelphi Research
  • ICCR
  • Uppsala University
  • Missions Publiques
  • University of Parma
  • POLIEDRA Politecnico di Milano
  • JRC – EC
  • Bioforsk
  • UPMC
  • The Department of Information Engineering – University of Siena
  • Provincial Administration of Ferrara
  • ESA
  • BEF – Latvia