poly-sumpOn 20 – 22 January 2014, Lund (Sweden) will host the Poly-SUMP Capitalization Workshop, focused on making the most of the project’s experiences. Poly-SUMP Capitalization Workshop follows a series of meetings held during autumn 2013 by each of the Poly-SUMP project partners – Parkstad Limburg (The Netherlands) Regione Marche (Italy), Central Alentejo (Portugal), Central Macedonia (Greece), Heart of Slovenia (Slovenia) and Rhine Alp (Austria) – to discuss polycentric sustainable mobility action plans through the Local Future Search methodology.

Local Future Search Workshops are collaborative and interactive events allowing all participants to provide input into ways to improve the transport system as a whole, in this case with the goal of creating and sharing a new vision and an action plan for sustainable mobility in polycentric regions.

The participating regions are now meeting in Lund for the so-called Capitalization Workshop, an event to assess the lessons learnt in the different regions. ISIS will have a guiding role in the appraisal of different contexts, and effectiveness and bottlenecks of individual plans, also by considering insights and experiences shared during the Future Search process. This will highlight any gain from (or constraint to) cooperation emerged in the process, as opposed to the conventional process to produce individual plans and actions.

About Poly-Sump

Poly-SUMP, Polycentric Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, aims to develop a sustainable mobility planning methodology in polycentric regions – areas characterised by several centres, where services and goods, and therefore transport needs, are scattered in different towns, and mobility is usually car dependent. ISIS supports the project management, in particular by facilitating the Local Future Search Workshop planned in Regione Marche, Italy. More information is available on ISIS website and Poly-Sump website.