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Scenario Governance

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Andrea Ricci on the marginal social costs of road transport

In a paper co-authored with Heike Link, Chris Nash and Jeremy Shires, and published in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Andrea Ricci discusses the [...]

FLAGSHIP’s final results are in

ISIS has completed the FLAGSHIP project, aimed at driving change, supporting the policy shift from adapting to changes through short-term policy responses, towards anticipating, welcoming and [...]

MIND-SETS Newsletter No. 1 – December 2015

MIND-SETS, a  Horizon 2020-funded project that seeks to create a comprehensive vision of mobility incorporating knowledge from a variety of disciplines, has just released its first newsletter.
The issue [...]

Andrea Ricci on the future of Europe

At the Trust conference on Europe in a Changing World – Perspectives on 2050, held in Brussels on 29 October 2015, Andrea Ricci gave [...]

Andrea Ricci on global technological trends

At one of the Serralves Conferences on Global Trends 2030: The Futures of Portugal, held in Serralves, Portugal on October 15, 2015, Andrea Ricci, Director [...]

FLAGSHIP final conference: December 16, 2015

FLAGSHIP Final Conference
Thinking Ahead Sustainably: Policies, Scenarios and Models to address Grand Societal Challenges
16 December 2015
Centre for European Studies (CEPS), Place [...]

CityMobil2 Newsletter No.5 – September 2015

CityMobil2, the FP7 project on the implementation of an innovative automated road transport system, has just released its September 2015 newsletter.

This issue covers the last [...]

  • Policy Mechanisms for Sustainability: Exploring Scenario and Storyline Building Techniques for Sustainable Urbanisation - The Case of China in 2050
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    Sustainable urbanisation: building scenarios for better policies

Sustainable urbanisation: building scenarios for better policies

In a world of consumption-led growth and seemingly unstoppable urbanisation, how do we ensure that the cities of the future are sustainable, livable and socially inclusive?
This is what two [...]

Odyssee-MURE’s analysis of energy efficiency progress

This September 2015 brochure offers an evaluation of energy efficiency progress  in transport since 2000, divided by mode. The significant progress of cars in [...]

  • Catalonia_exports
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    A Macro-economic Assessment of Catalonia’s Options for Greater Independence within the EU

A Macro-economic Assessment of Catalonia’s Options for Greater Independence within the EU

A future independent Catalan state would be more successfully achieved through a mutually agreed-upon resolution with Spain, rather than an uncertain and potentially detrimental unilateral secession, a major report [...]