Running under the motto of a “sustainable re-industrialisation of Europe”, the 9th Manufuture Conference, organized on 6-8 October 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania, allowed over 500 international experts to exchange their views on the future of the European manufacturing industry. Andrea Ricci, ISIS Vice-President, took part in the event, presenting “The Nexus between Energy, Environment and Transports Services”.


Manufuture 2013 aimed at looking at innovation and research as central drivers for a sector as strategic as the manufacturing one, bridging the 7th European Framework Programme (FP7) and the upcoming Horizon 2020 scheme. In his presentation, Andrea Ricci pointed out how innovation is vital to the manufacturing sector, even though it has to be intended as a broader concept going beyond technology and including institutional, organizational and social changes.

Focusing on the close relationships between land use, energy, transport, environment, and their economic impacts, Andrea described the EU funded PASHMINA project. Led by ISIS, PASHMINA analyzed a set of possible paradigm shifts for Europe until 2050, addressing the necessity to overcome the current model base on “speed” of transport, production, consumption and relations. PASHMINA is a bright example of how new paradigms are needed to face long-term global changes with sustainability.

More information on Manufuture and presentation from speakers are available on the Conference website.