On 29 April, ESPON will host the ‘Making the European Territory Open and Polycentric’ Conference in Brussels, Belgium. Carlo Sessa, ISIS Research Director, will take part as a speaker along with international experts and researchers in the field of territorial development and cohesion.

Facing a period of rapid changes as well as economic and political uncertainty, policymakers are seeking a future oriented, long-term and integrated vision on the development of the European territory. To address this need, the ESPON project ET2050 has elaborated a ‘Territorial Vision for Europe in 2050’ and possible political pathways that can lead Europe towards this vision.

With a participatory approach, the conference will integrate contributions from participants to the developed scenarios and pathways, with the aim of guiding the policy debate on long-term territorial development and providing a coherent European framework for policy initiatives at different decision-making levels.

The conference’s detailed programme is available here.