ISIS offers a wide range of services, supporting both the public and private sector. Having worked for  years in the field of international research and European project management, ISIS is able guide SMEs wishing to access European funding, is ready to help administrations to fund and implement cycling routes for tourism, and can assist public bodies in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), Sustainable Energy Action Plans (PAES), or External Costs Assessment evaluations.

Guide to EU Funding

ISIS is able to consolidate highly effective and successful proposals, coordinating groups of international partners and meeting complex finance and administrative rules during the whole project’s cycle. For this reason, in 2012 ISIS ranked second in Italy, and twelfth in Europe, among SMEs securing the highest amount of funding for research projects, under the Seventh EU Framework Programme (FP7). ISIS has participated in over 90 European research projects (FP5, FP6 FP7, IEE), leading over 30 projects with an average budget of 3 million euros – including FLAGSHIP, URBACHINA, PASHMINA, CIVITAS MIMOSA, CIVITAS CATALIST, STADIUM, BIOMASTER, POLY-SUMP, ATLETE II, MURE-ODYSSEE, THRESHOLD, CONDUITS, SPICYCLE.

ISIS offers a 360-degree assistance to those actors wishing to explore and access public funding at European and national level.  Read more

Guide to Bicycle Touring

ISIS exploits cycling as a sustainable, simple and cost-effective mobility option to face urban pollution and congestion. Over the years, ISIS has participated in several European projects and has delivered innovative urban policies based on cycling, working together with top-experts in the field (see “Enabling Cycling Cities. Ingridients for Success” publication). Currently, ISIS offers a service aimed at assisting local administrations in identifying funding, designing and implementing projects of cycling routes for tourism (link to brochure), combining tourism promotion with far-sighted urban planning. Read more

Guide to SUMPS Guide to SEAPS

ISIS has gained in-depth experience in the formulation and evaluation of mobility and energy policies, as well as in the involvement of main stakeholders – such as national agencies from all over Europe – and the implementation of systems and databases for energy saving and sustainable mobility. ISIS offers its consultancy services to public authorities who wish to develop or improve a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and/or a Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP).

ISIS is able to train and inform local administrations and other stakeholders, making the objectives, processes and results of SUMPs/SEAPs as clear as possible. At the same time, ISIS supports the administrations in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the SUMPs/SEAPs, reshaping the plans on the basis of the achieved and expected results. ISIS assistance allows a high quality, effective and proved methodology, ensuring a consistent integration with the national or regional planning, and an increased visibility of best practices thanks to a strong connection with the European level.

Guide to SUMPSGuide to SEAPS

Guide to External Costs Evaluation

External costs include all costs that are not directly translatable into a monetary value, but play a central role in the mobility, transport, energy and environment policies. External costs are expressed, for example, by the overall impact of an action or a technology on the environment, health and society in general. Stakeholders and policy makers are called to take into account external costs when facing strategic decisions, such as the purchase of a fleet of vehicles or the construction of new infrastructure. ISIS is specialized in the assessment of external costs, and can offer a consulting service to help decision makers taking sustainable actions and being fully aware of the global impact of their choices in the long run.