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ASSET will develop the scientific and methodological capabilities to implement European policies aiming at balancing the environmental protection of Sensitive Areas (SA) with the provision of an efficient transport system. Special emphasis on market based instruments.

Main impact: improved policy formulation/implementation (infrastructure charging, sustainable development of TEN-T). Main outputs: (i) common framework of definitions, criteria and valuation parameters for Transport Sensitive Areas (TSA), (ii) methodology for assessment of sensitiveness in TSA, (iii) mapping of TSAs across the EU, (iv) review of policy instruments for the protection of SA, analysis of applicability to different TSA categories, identification of policy packages, (v) detailed assessment of proposed methodology and policy instruments for 10 case studies (mountainous, urban/metropolitan, natural/protected, coastal areas), different modes, types of traffic and geographical situations, (vi) policy guidelines for TSA.

8 Workpackages: WP0 Management; WP1 Setting the scene; WP2 Identification and assessment of sensitiveness; WP3 Mapping TSA in the EU; WP4 Analysing Policy Instruments; WP5 Case Studies; WP6 Cross-site evaluation and conclusions; WP7 Dissemination. Multi-disciplinary team (natural scientists, economists, transport policy, social policy experts), wide geographical scope (with NMS). Includes academic institutions, research and consultancy firms and SMEs. Partners have provided major contributions to research in transport policies and market-based instruments, external costs evaluation, transport infrastructure assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment of the TEN-T. Proven track record of coordinator (ISIS) in leading multi-disciplinary EC projects.