Andrea_Ricci_Trust_presentation_October_2015At the Trust conference on Europe in a Changing World – Perspectives on 2050, held in Brussels on 29 October 2015, Andrea Ricci gave a presentation on Europe’s future. Specifically, he outlined three scenarios facing Global Europe 2050: Nobody cares, EU under threat and Renaissance. While the first scenario would represent little change and low growth, the second scenario would involve the disintegration of the EU and other shocks and failures. The ideal scenario is the third, Renaissance, in which an integrated EU achieves participatory democracy with strong support for innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency.

But how can this more desirable future be achieved? Scientific, technological and social innovation, combined with trust in governments and policies and an empowered citizenry, have the power to change the current course and create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Watch Andrea Ricci’s presentation on Europe’s future